Mismatched Ch. 01 - A Portentous Grin

Hey-o! This is my first-ever submission to Literotica, so I do hope you enjoy it! If I get a good response, I will consider publishing more chapters ^u^

As the red pickup truck pulled up to the curb, its driver busied herself by drumming lightly on the steering wheel to the beat of an unknown tune. She didn't mind sitting for a minute; the thing she was waiting for was well worth it.

The sound of the rear door snapped her back to attention. She listened, hearing the thump of it swinging shut and the click of the passenger side opening as that which she was awaiting finally arrived.

"Hello," Lauren said, speaking first. "Sorry about the wait."

Sam smiled. "Nah, it's fine, my dude. Totally worth it," she winked, causing Lauren to show the faintest blush.

Sam started the car and headed out. The early afternoon sun beat down through the windows, forcing her to turn up the AC to counteract the summer heat.

Once again, Lauren started things up. "Did you have fun at your parents'?"

"Oh yeah!" Sam was very enthused. "I got to have Dad's world-famous meatloaf. That stuff slaps!"

"I'm sorry I couldn't come," said Lauren, again genuinely apologetic.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Come on, you know I didn't mind. It's not your fault you had a Bio final, dingus." She pretended to give him a disciplinary slap on the wrist. "Stop sorrying so much."

"Yeah, yeah. You're right." Lauren knew she was only teasing. "Although I don't think 'sorrying' is a word."

"Oh, so you're an English major now?"

"No, but neither are you."

"I guess so," Sam said with an exaggerated huff. "You got me there, Laur. You win."

They drove for a few minutes in silence. Sam started drumming again, humming a tune quietly to herself. Lauren just listened, amazed by how his girlfriend was always such a bubbly, happy person.

As they neared their destination, it was Sam who first piped up. "Soooo...," she said, sliding her eyes to look at Lauren as she stretched the word out, "what d'ya get me?"

Lauren, who was looking out the window, felt a small smile creep onto his face. He knew she couldn't keep from asking. "Oh, you know... it's a surprise." Now it was his turn to be coy.

"What kind of surprise?"

"A fun one. One I would hope you'll like."

"Uhuh. Is it... clothes? I've been wanting some new tops," Sam said, looking down at her current attire, which consisted of a frilly pink blouse and a pair of skintight jeans; presentable, but certainly well-worn.


"Jewelery? I'll take that, but you know I'm not the biggest fan."

"Perhaps." Lauren took care to face away from her so his expression gave nothing away.

"Damn it Laur, you're being so... so...," she couldn't find the right adjective.

"Obstinate? Inscrutable? Irksome?" he supplied with a giggle.

"...yeah. One of those." Sam was defeated. "Fine. I'll wait."

* * * * *

The rest of their journey was uneventful. About a half hour had passed by the time Sam pulled her truck into the parking lot. "Here we are!" she announced. "Get your stuff and follow me!"

Lauren grabbed his bags and followed Sam down a narrow flight of stairs, gazing up at the many floors of her red-bricked apartment building. When he looked back down, he realized that he had fallen behind and hurried to catch up. When he caught up with Sam walking down the hallway, he couldn't help but think that she was so pretty, her auburn hair swaying gently with her elegant strides.

As soon as she turned around, he quickly averted his gaze, not wanting to seem weird for staring at her so intently.

Sam unlocked the door and stood aside, inviting Lauren in. "Welcome to the flat," she said as he entered.

Lauren passed through the entryway into a quaint apartment. A small living room was furnished with a bright pink futon, adorned with pillows of colors that spanned the entire rainbow. Across from the futon was a decent-sized TV. Past the living room, he saw the kitchen, which was fairly modern. The refrigerator was plastered with magnets bearing cute cats or bubbly phrases like "You rock!" or "Life is an adventure!".

Immediately to the left of the front door, a hallway led further in. Following it, Lauren came to an intersection. To the right, he saw a bathroom; straight ahead, what appeared to be a cluttered bedroom, decorated in a similar fashion to the living room; and to the left, the hallway kept going, wrapping around the outside of the bedroom past where he could see.

"I hope you like the place. It's not much, but I have the end unit, which is p cool if ya ask me."

Lauren turned to face Sam. "I love it. I think it's, um, as beautiful as you are," he said with a nervous smile.

"Aw, thanks." She gave him a quick smooch, making him blush. "Put your stuff wherever. Just not in the studio."

"You have a studio?"

"Uh, yeah. What self-respecting art major doesn't?"

"I suppose that makes sense. Ooh, may I check it out?" said Lauren. "I've always wanted to see one of your works-in-progress."

He was surprised to see the faintest glimmer of nervousness in her eyes. "It's kinda private," she said. "Is it okay if you don't?"

"Of course. I get it. It's very personal."

"Thanks, dude. Feel free to go anywhere else ya want."

Lauren went to deposit his bags in the bedroom. Sam's bedroom was as multicolored as her wardrobe. A full-sized bed in the corner was fitted with rainbow sheets, and the pillowcases were patterned with cartoon cats chasing balls of yarn. Against another wall was a small desk, smattered with remnants of neon marker, colored pencil, and bits of stuck-on paint beneath a scattering of schoolbooks. The closet door hung ajar, and a few pieces of clothes that hadn't quite made it to the hamper were on the floor. As he put down his own things, Lauren's eye was caught by two such articles: a bright blue pair of panties and a neon yellow bra.

It's not as though he hadn't ever seen such things; before college, he used to do the laundry for his family all the time, and saw plenty of his Mom's and older sister's underwear. But there was something about seeing his girlfriend's undergarments that made him buzz with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Something compelled him to reach out to touch them.

"Hey, Laur! You alright in there?" Sam asked as she walked up behind him.

He immediately snapped upright, trying desperately not to appear suspicious. "Uh, uh, uh, y-yeah," he stammered. "All good. Just... thought I should, uh..." his voice trailed off.

Sam's eyes lit up gleefully. "Ohhh, I see. So you're sneaking a peek at my bra and panties, eh?"

"N-no, really, I-"

"It's all good," she continued, ignoring his halting protests. "It's only natural you'd wanna know." She stalked towards him until her body was pressing his up against the closet door. Sam leaned in, whispering, "These babies," she shook her breasts with her hands, "are Cs."

Lauren was shocked into a state of silent arousal. He felt her warmth up against his front, saw her boobs pushed up through her shirt, soft and inviting. He felt her hot breath on his face, took in her tanned skin and luscious lips, which were parted suggestively. But, as suddenly as she had advanced, Sam pulled away, giggling. "I love you so much, you dingus," she said, giving him another kiss. "Now c'mon, let's go hang out."

The boy struggled to shake himself from his stupor. "Uh, sure. I need to... to get something first."

"Okay. I'll be waiting." Sam winked and almost skipped away.

Lauren rummaged through his bag before finally pulling out what he had been looking for: a neatly sealed letter, adorned with Sam's name in loopy, cursive handwriting.

* * * * *

Back in the living room, Sam awaited him on the bright pink couch, slouched in a relaxed position. She patted the space next to her, which had been cleared of the technicolor cushions. "C'mon, sit with me," she said.

Lauren took a tentative seat.

"Nope, not good enough. C'mere!" Sam grabbed him by the waist and dragged him back until they were cuddled tightly together. "Much better," she sighed. Then she noticed the piece of paper Lauren clutched in his hand. "Oh? What's this?"

"It's for you," said Lauren, more than a little nervous. "Your surprise."

"Ohhhhh gimme gimme gimme!" Sam snatched it out of his grip and examined it carefully. "I wonder what's inside. I don't think it's clothes, though. There's nothing else?" she asked him.

He gave a slight smile. "Nope, nothing else. That's all there is to it."

"Okie dokie then. Let's crack this sucker open!"

Sam tore through the top of the letter and slid out the piece of paper inside. Her eyes swiftly scanned it, taking in the short message, before she seemed to realize something. "Wait, is it what I think it is?!" she almost shouted, ecstatically hopeful. She turned the letter upside down, and what slowly slid out into her lap was a small, foil-wrapped condom.

"OH MY GOD IT IS!" Sam screamed. "I love you so much, Lauren!" She then proceeded to tackle her boyfriend, pinning him under her on the couch, and gave him a deep, sensual kiss, grinding her body down onto his.

After a good few seconds, Sam finally came up for air, panting lightly, her face and Lauren's thoroughly flushed. They both took a couple moments to recover from the excitement before she broke the silence, her voice now quiet and serious. "Are you sure you're ready? I know you've been anxious about it for a while."

Lauren's heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour, and his entire body felt tingly from her touch, but for once, he was completely calm when he responded, "Yes, I am. I don't think there's anyone else I'd rather do it with." He paused for a second. "And I want you to lead the way. Happy birthday, Sam." Lauren stopped again, looking deep into her beautiful, brown eyes. "Take this summer to lead me somewhere I've never gone before."

Sam didn't do anything for a few seconds after he finished, her face devoid of expression. Lauren was beginning to worry that he had said something wrong when she whispered, "Laur, you know what?"

"Uh, what?" he whispered back, keeping his voice low.

"This summer, we're getting LAAAAAAAAID, baby! Oh YEAH!" she cheered as a grin spread across her face, a grin that told of the amazing things that had yet to come.













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